Acquiring sponsorship for your 4th of July Celebration

July 4 is indeed a very special day for Americans. After all, it is the day  when we gained our independence. This is the reason why July 4 must not pass without throwing a big celebration to commemorate the event. If you are an events organizer, you know how expensive it is to organize an event. Events to celebrate 4th of July are actually more expensive to organize than regular events because they are usually bigger in scale and involves more elements. Independence Day is too big of an event to pass up though. How can you not celebrate the freedom of your country? One of the most effective ways to lower the cost of holding a 4th of July event is by getting a sponsor.

Below are some tips on how to get a sponsor for your 4th of July event.

Create a website

Since many people nowadays rely on the Internet to get information, one of the first things that you need to do is to create a website for your 4th of July celebration. However, you must do this months in advance to give you enough time to get sponsors. You must clearly indicate in your website that you are seeking sponsorship for the event. All pertinent information needed by potential sponsors should be available in the website. This should include the total price of holding the event. Presenting this particular piece of information will give an idea to potential sponsor of just how much is needed to hold the event.

State objectives clearly

You should also be able to state the objectives of the event clearly. Are you trying to keep the tradition alive? Do you want to raise funds for a special cause? Whatever it is the you want to achieve, you should state it clearly in your website and in all other communication materials that you will send out to potential sponsors. If you cannot state exactly what you are planning to do with the money, then how can you expect companies to support your endeavor? Most companies are always open to sponsoring 4th of July events, but keep in mind that other organization are also celebrating on that day and may also be seeking for sponsorship.

Be clear with what you can offer

There are many things that you can offer potential sponsors for a 4th of July celebration. First of all, you can offer to post something about them on your website. So months ahead of the celebration, they are already getting mileage from your online promotions. If you are organizing a parade, then you can offer to provide them with their own float or at least put a banner of their company on one of the floats. If you are distributing posters and fliers in your area, then you can also include them in these materials. During the program, you can create a short spiel to thank them for their support.

Competition for sponsorship can be tough for 4th of July celebrations. This is why you need to be organized and you need start seeking for sponsors ahead of time.

Famous Fourth of July Firework Shows

Fourth of July is the day that as American we commemorate our freedom and spirit of patriotism. Any Fourth of July celebration is never complete without fireworks. The first Fourth of July commemoration that included fireworks began in 1777. That was prior to the American Revolutionary War.

For the last 230 years, cities and states have been showcasing the most amazing fireworks shows on July 4th of every year. Throughout the United States, everyone thinks that they have the best fireworks shows but in my personal opinion the state of California has the best shows.  It could be because I live in California so my opinion could be a little bias.  Or maybe a lot bias.

Diseyland – The first name that comes to our minds while speaking about fireworks on July 4th is Disneyland, Anaheim. Although it resembles Fourth of July all year round, it is even more special during the Fourth of July holiday. Disneyland takes it to another level. Fireworks in Disneyland on Independence Day include in the visual elegance of the area.

New Interface Beach – Besides the wonderful Fourth of July watercraft Parade during the day, New Interface Beach front offers some of the best fireworks show in Southern California to the local home owners of the area. If you have actually not yet experienced watching a firework show on the New Slot Coastline on Independence Day, you need to find the time.

San Diego – San Diego commemorates the fourth in an exceptional way. Perhaps the greatest destination is to travel to San Diego on the July 4th.  They have a marvelous display of technically progressed fireworks choreographed to tunes that maintains the town rocking and emblazoned almost the full size of night. The best viewing areas are in North Embarcadero, Tent Region, Coronado Getting, Seaport Village with Harbor Tropical isle.

Hollywood- Each year Hollywood Dish’s provides firework commemoration of Self-reliance Day. Hollywood Dish is scarcely seen overcrowded thorough out the summer season show season.

Significant Bear– Every year Large Bear celebrates the fourth with a fantastic display of fireworks sponsored by the Significant Bear Rotary Club. This is California’s fifth most significant firework show as well as people from far and wide flock together to take joy in the motivational view of the typical to highly advanced firework program till midnight. You can easily view the program from rear deck forgetting the lake. So book currently for 4th of July.

San Francisco – This one of a kind city offers a double fireworks shows to commemorate the Fourth of July, every year. The most effective few spots to capture the exceptional view are the Pier 39 garage as well as the roof covering of the garage areas, at the Anchorage shopping complex.

Lake Tahoe– Lake Tahoe supplies the largest firework show in the western United States. Every year on Independence Day lots of viewers to delight in the outstanding firework shows. Since the show is launched barges off the South seacoast at State line, a sail around the lake on a watercraft finds the motivational vision of the gorgeous fireworks. It will even be an ever memorable encounter viewing the color scheme of the turquoise lake gradually turning cobalt.

Fourth of July History

The Fourth of July holiday is a time that we all take advantage.  Many of us have no idea what it is for.  We just know it is a time when we barbeque and enjoy the summer. The Fourth is the days that we got our independence and we use it to celebrate our patriotism and freedom.

When most people think about Independence Day, they think about their family members as well as friends, parades, and fireworks. Red, white and blue flags.  It is also a day that we give notice to our history and the flight for our freedom and self reliance, the sacrifices that our soldiers, both past and presents, gave so that we can enjoy our freedoms.  It is also a time to reflect on our history and how our founding fathers stood up against the British in 1776.

The actual date of when the American colonies left Great Britain took place 2 days earlier, on July 2, 1776. That was when the Second Continental Congress voted to authorize a resolution of freedom from its sovereign state. July Fourth is when the final draft of this declaration of independence, prepped by the Committee of 5, was accepted by congress.

The board was selected by congress and consisted of John Adams of Massachusetts, Roger Sherman of Connecticut, Robert Livingston of New York, Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania, and Thomas Jefferson of Virginia. Paradoxically, the declaration was not signed by the congressional delegates until August 2, 1776.

Nevertheless, we have decided to celebrate our independence on the Fourth of July because that was the date revealed on the last draft of the declaration, therefore, becoming the birthday of our country.

Fireworks are undoubtedly the most identifiable celebration for Fourth of July. Fireworks have been associated with Fourth of July given that 1777. Firework programs are held in numerous states and family members as well as groups even acquire them for private use. Fireworks are commonly followed by singing or songs of patriotic tunes. Public functions are common in many towns with state political leaders making an appearance for providing patriotic speeches. Vocalizing of the nationwide Anthem and other patriotic songs is also common. Fourth of July parades are mostly held in the early morning with red, white and also blue enhanced drifts. Patriotic shows are generally seen anywhere. Even the apparel worn by individuals on Fourth of July reflects the shades and also styles of the Flag. Independence Day will certainly for good be an important part of American history. It stands for freedom from oppression. It celebrates the undertaking that our founding fathers endured.

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